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Crap interfacePosted by Serena Ball 2016-02-07

Unreliable mechanism and ridiculous, intrusive ads. It might have been ok if they weren't after every time you died but given how basic the game play is and how easily you can die the ads are just beyond a joke. Had to uninstall as it was just mind numbingly annoying to play.

So stupid DONT BUY THIS GAME!!Posted by Rafferty Guskiewicz 2016-01-27

Its so glichy it forces you to lose. Dont ever get this game. Its not like angry birds at all at least on angry birds if you lost you know it was you. Also adds are trecherous! Make you wait 5-10 seconds after you do a run.

Posted by VARSHA G K 2016-01-03

It's too fast,even we couldn't cope up with the speed. How the kids will play the game??,try to slow down the speed, and make the bunny to run according to our command...not by its own

this veryy verastPosted by gouse Basha 2015-11-27

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veraaaaassttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

OmgPosted by Sophia McCellon 2015-11-23

The ads! So many ads! And it doesn't have a tutorial. Do you realize how long it took me to figure out how to get onto the second level?! DO NOT DOWNLOAD.its a waste of space

Hey this is for 3 year old childPosted by Rajesh TN 2016-05-20

It's very marble.lab... I don't want to say more and make you sad.... so I am just telling that think more and bring something new. then it will be nice....

TerriblePosted by Steven Grundy 2016-03-01

Rubbish game. Terrible animations, annoying music, weak gameplay. Not thought out well at all and hardly any effort put into development

WakwasPosted by Sushil Kr. 2016-09-07

Kis duffer ne ye game banaya hai. Abe level to achhe banata, aur Sala without touch ke bunny Mar jata hai. Improve Kar isko.jaldi.

Hhhhhhhaaaaaaatttttttteeeeeeeddddd itPosted by Chinasa Ubah 2016-01-03

It's stupid pointless time wasting the jumping isn't high enough its not even good enough for a 1 year old its the worst game ever

InterestingPosted by Beverly salazar 2015-11-11

It can entertain to the one who boredom....thanks to the brainer who create this adventurous and challenging games....more power.

Posted by Zed Zander 2015-11-02

Worst and hardest game ever I can not even pass the first level its too hard I wonder how hard would be the other levels.......

Annoying game...Posted by Sarah Sheikh 2016-04-16

Humble request to u guyzz kindly do not download dis game... ads wont let u cross even a single level.. its vry irrating game

Posted by Fareeha Nazhar 2016-05-31

How stupid this game!! Iv played a few days just to pass this stupid level 6!!! Pls someone who know how to pass the level 6

No instructionsPosted by Samantha Lehman 2016-01-21

This game sucks, no instructions and you can't get past level 1. Lasted all of 2 minutes on my phone. Don't waste your time

Posted by Itss EvelynQuinones 2016-05-01

Its OK and by the way if you press READ MORE you spelled select wrong its supposed to be s-e-l-e-c-t not c-e-l-l-e-c-t.

Posted by Wendy Botes 2015-11-02

Hated it!! Hated it!! Hated it!! Why not sell me an Ad App???? I uninstalled it before I could even think of jumping. .

Too many adsPosted by Katherine Davis 2016-01-05

Too many ads plus it doesn't have a settings icon for a mere explanation on how to play the game. Very disappointed

So many adsPosted by Jamie Wideman 2015-12-02

I like it but there is way to many ads and I got really mad because the ads messed me up needs serious improvement

Bad!Posted by Theresa Barnes 2016-06-24

The game could be fun but it's not because as soon as you die pop-ups show up so annoying and frustrating!

AwfulPosted by daniella ripamonti 2015-11-09

This game is so stupid I can't even can't even pass level 1. Take my advice and DON'T install this game

Posted by Jimmy Dean 2016-02-01

Its not that fun so don't download it if you want to but when you play it your gonna be sorry so enjoy

Posted by DIYNoNeedToCry 2015-12-06

It's hard and for those who say he doesn't jump high enough... you have to double tap to jump higher.

Too much advertsPosted by Markus Hirsch 2015-11-03

stupid game. appart from that adverts in free games is ok but in this one its too much adverts.

Posted by Alyxis Cormier 2016-02-19

It was the worst I didn't even want to put a star on it at all that is how horrible it was

Too many ads.Posted by stella white 2016-08-30

It had way too many ads. And there should have been instructions on how to play the game.

Posted by Ramz Amiel 2016-04-27

I hate it it force you to be lodt and when you lose theres a lot of stupid things happen

BooPosted by Panda Poof 2015-11-01

I can't even begin to explain how bad this game! It is super glitchy. Don't download it

Tons of pop upsPosted by Megs Osborn 2015-12-19

Every time I go to jump there would be a pop up. Every time I died a pop up add again.

Posted by Argjente Jusufi 2015-11-03

Omg what's the deal with all the ads ..I don't think anyone is going to play this game

Posted by Ehsan Ulhaq 2015-11-13

Sinsia I like ur comment !!!!! Zed the first level is quite challenging

Posted by 2016-09-01

Just exactly the same game i would play on the dish games when i was 11 i love it

Bakwas game....Posted by Dnyaneshwari Desai 2015-11-20

Are yar why it not jump long in upward... Idiot game.. Waste of our net pack

If you buy then dont play this game .play othersPosted by Man Kumar 2016-04-15

ont like it its so boring if i jumped then it will not. But i likrd the tune

Bunny runPosted by Jae Blazer 2016-03-14

It reminds me of mario,when i ws a child,i used to play it on the video game

Baddest worsest game everPosted by Sandeep Das 2016-01-30

No controls nothing never download if really want to play games total mess

Awesome gamePosted by Gitanjali Bakshi 2015-11-03

Those who don't know how to play games they people gave stupid statement

ChallengingPosted by Nicoyda Easie 2016-03-06

This game is very challenging and hard but it is very good game to play

Posted by noorul haq 2015-11-06

very complicated game don't like it expected to play on Facebook while

Posted by tasneembhopali2015 hozefa4236 2015-11-19

I love it very much because it has a adventure and i like adventure

Worst game everPosted by Angelie Soto 2015-11-11

Their is seriaslly to many ads I hate it and level one is to hard

Toooooooo many adsPosted by Sapthagiri Bokka 2015-11-02

Too many ads makes it annoying.... Immediately uninstalled...

Little hardPosted by Kymberly Barb 2015-11-03

Its a little hard but once u keep trying u get a hang of it

StupidPosted by Nicki Manja 2016-02-21

why would you put the bunny where you can't get it to jump

Nice and coolPosted by Jeza Embolode 2015-11-04

I like this game its makes me cool as well as my children

TERRIBLEPosted by Dev Rucker 2015-11-17

I just got the game and I could not beat the first level

So stupidPosted by Annette Singleton 2016-04-29

Cant even double jump to the other side for level one !

Too hardPosted by Ruchi Rathore 2015-11-28

Its intrsting...its hard.. but i am stucked to level 6.

About this gamePosted by Jameel jubail 2015-11-09

I dont like this game at all. This ads make me irritate

Posted by Dana Meeker 2016-07-17

Too many adds but other than that its ok game I guess

Posted by Tikendra Jat 2015-11-29

I am downloading this game now time. I hope it's good

Posted by Tafa Sisikakala 2015-11-27

have so much hatred for this game...... Stupid rabbit

NicePosted by Noel Lamptey 2016-06-03

It's not that fun but it's ok. They tried Their best

HardPosted by Sandip Harak 2015-11-14

Good graphics but unable to pass the 1st step also..

It Is awesome time waster if it were real I would like it better I love bunnysPosted by Aliyah Burnett 2016-06-28

Ummmm does anyone know how to pass level 6????

Take too longPosted by Kay Barnett 2016-03-03

Take too long to download, like the game very much

HorriblePosted by thomas noland 2015-12-31

I regret buying it you can't even get past level 3

Posted by bahaa abu bakr 2015-12-13

ممكن تكون افضل من هيك بكثير

Worst game everPosted by Jazzy Alcantar 2015-12-09

It's just dumb I can't even pass the first level

Too many ads!Posted by Kristin Spaetzel 2015-11-24

Have to click off an ad at every death or level!

HorriblePosted by Ajit Kumar 2015-11-03

Worst game ever . Pls don't download this game .

Posted by Moni Leslie 2016-04-17

Too many tricky ads, be careful where you press

Nice gamePosted by Romaine Barrett 2015-12-15

But level 6 is un beatable u need to change it

A lot of adsPosted by Mariz Amin 2015-11-05

Hard from z first level, plus the non stop ads

Posted by romeo malina 2016-01-10

Level 6 has a big hall you cant jump over!!?

Posted by Yvonne Molise 2015-12-17

Its so difficult plus lots of irritating ads

Posted by Shubhi Vyas 2016-01-06

Pathetic... I really didn't like this game.

گیمPosted by بهروز پورمحرم 2015-12-06

خیلی عالی .خوب بود ممنون

TerriblePosted by Caitlyn Withey 2016-02-04

Terrible small glitches and bad animation

Posted by MARY juan 2015-11-04

It is an stupid app it made me disappoint

Posted by Marie Helene Abbasito 2015-11-15

Cannot even pass the half of first level

Posted by Lyanne Abela 2016-02-23

No time for this stupid game ...faliled

Game powerPosted by Roushally Uri-khos 2015-12-02

Enjoy able game keeping myself busy hre

Posted by Marwa Abbass 2015-11-18

baaaaad game ... too much advertisments

Posted by Angel Nath 2015-11-10

OMG its so hard but is challenging also

bunny runPosted by 2016-09-12

this game is very easy and more levels

Love GamePosted by Autumn Duty 2015-12-05

I love this game because it is so hard

Posted by Sazzad Imam 2016-04-29

Dumb app! Only adds & adds! Ugghh

AwesomePosted by lidia nel 2015-12-28

This game is awesome and easy to play

Betty CaromPosted by Danielle Elliott 2015-12-02

Dim people u double tap 2 jump higher

Worst game everPosted by maria rodriguez 2015-11-09

If i can give it a zero stars i would

nicePosted by Zola Anafsar 2015-11-09

Verry nice my child like Good vgooood

Posted by Nana Adawi 2015-11-07

it's so hard I don't like it I'm srry

Posted by Mosa Khashoni 2015-12-19

I rly love ths game it is so easyyyy

Posted by Selvam Thankaraj 2016-08-15

Most annoying app..I have ever seen

worst game everPosted by my name Jack cool mac so cool 2016-03-18

I will just stick to my x box games

NicePosted by Akshay Kamta 2015-12-19

This game is nice but too many ads.

بشعهPosted by Marwa Nobii 2016-08-13

سريعه ومافهاش جديد

Posted by Wasim Shaikh 2016-02-12

Tooo much annoying ads... Wasted

HatedPosted by vishal dhotre 2016-08-06

Very bad graphics, i m repenting

SanjuPosted by Sanjana Burman 2015-11-03

How do u evr cross the 6th level

Posted by Noora Aldoseri 2016-01-30

Don't even think to download it

Posted by amie moser 2016-02-09

You dont wont to get this game

MxmPosted by Meshake Tumie 2016-02-06

This game doesnt even work arg

DumbPosted by ladybug taylor 2016-01-15

I can't even get past level 1

Posted by Aparna More 2015-12-11

So difficult plus the ads.. :/

AwesomePosted by Katherine Torres Bolanos 2015-11-22

It was cool and fun also funny

TerriblePosted by Aaron Holt 2016-02-21

Waste of time and full of ads

FunPosted by Sally Wairimu 2015-11-22

Its an awesome game loving it

Very goodPosted by Enos Menjono 2015-11-05

I am loving it, its nice game

Posted by Shameem Farooqui 2015-11-26

Were nice bhot acha game hai

Posted by Rishi S 2015-11-14

They have very late download

Posted by Nathan Rodriguez 2016-04-16

Kill it before it lays eggs

Posted by Anisul H Mahmood 2016-01-16

This game is so unwell made

Ads everywherePosted by Jadine Moodley 2015-12-05

Bad game play. Its just bad

NicePosted by Mona Sohail 2015-11-04

Nice game but too many ads

Posted by natalie M 2015-12-25

Too baddddddddd.i hate it

aslam lakePosted by aslam lake 2015-11-02

Its ok game not much good

GoodPosted by Laquisha Lee 2016-08-01

Could be better but good

Posted by Ariona Heard 2015-12-07

Its fine it works for me

Posted by Barik Bloch 2015-12-04

Cool find it adventurous

So hard and so adsPosted by Vida Mahdavipour 2015-12-02

This game can angry you!

Posted by Amarilda Mullahi 2015-11-07

This game its very funny

Posted by Pragya Rajput 2015-11-02 game.....:-)

Posted by Elnting Elen 2016-04-30

I'm so happy play games

RubbishPosted by Virginia Peltier 2016-03-17

Crap crap and more CRAP

Posted by Priscilla Villegas 2016-02-05

It was not cool or good

Adds adds adds addsPosted by Wesley Steyn 2016-02-04

And more adds adds adds

Bunny runPosted by arsenio jacildo 2015-11-04

Amazing game loved it

Posted by 2016-09-18

Very bad app i hate it

Posted by Myriam J-z 2016-08-08

So fast didn't like it

Posted by Farid Karamat 2016-02-22

خوبه بد نیست

Posted by Miss Mel 2016-02-12

Funnest if it's a word

Posted by MURALIDHARAN BRINDHA 2016-01-25

Dont make hating games

Posted by amber hughes 2015-12-26

Lots of irritating ads

Too many adsPosted by Esme Brooks 2015-11-22

Ads pop up constantly.

L0ve bunnyPosted by samreen Naeem 2016-01-18

Awesome game, love it

GoodPosted by A Google User 2015-12-09

Nce but too much slow

Bunny runPosted by andre pontiflet 2015-11-21

The jumping is awful.

Posted by Zaw Shein 2015-11-13

I like this game.

Posted by Sheryl brinses 2015-11-28

buny run peter legen

Good gamePosted by Hardik Dubey 2015-11-16

Very nice i love it

Posted by Hannah Carlton 2015-11-14

Worst game everrrrr!

AdvertisingPosted by Herlina Pratiwi 2015-11-06

Too much advertising

Posted by Hadid Afaq 2016-01-28

Gark hogaye ye game

Posted by Saykat singh rathor 2015-12-27

Nice and small game

Stupid, no rules for text game, rabbit can't jump high enough plus too many adds!Posted by Betty Carmon 2015-11-26

Rabbit can't jump!

Posted by Avi Kumar 2015-11-20

Love it its amazing

Posted by Chuckie Mcroberts 2015-11-04

to many pop up apps

Top dogPosted by Charles Collins 2015-12-09

Daddy of five kids

too much adssPosted by Laraib Asif 2015-11-16

waste of time game

Posted by Abhishek Sharma 2016-04-27

It is very boring

Posted by سعید کریم پور 2016-01-17

حرف نداره

YaaaaaeeeePosted by Abida Perveeen 2016-01-14

Uffff I just hata

Bunny RunPosted by Tazri Azry 2015-11-25

Besttt gilerr ...

Posted by Ehsan Majidy 2015-11-18

خیلی خوبه

Best physics and awesome quality game!!!Posted by Skull .dll 2015-11-09

Lol..just kidding

Bunny run:peter legendPosted by Jessa Gesmundo 2015-11-04

Running &jump

LhfxpftdoljskyPosted by Jermaine Caringal 2016-01-23


Rely love to play the bowling gamePosted by Lucia Chiasson 2015-12-22

It s fun to play

AwsmPosted by krushna kute 2015-11-26

Badhiya hai bhai

MrPosted by itumeleng mogashoa 2015-11-24

Best of the best

ShummiPosted by Azaan siddique 2015-11-24

I like this game

likerPosted by Ahmad Adeli 2015-11-22

Awful game ever!

Good gamePosted by Naziera Radzuan 2015-11-10

I like this game

Lucky rabbitPosted by Robert Barrera 2016-09-20

White and fuzzy

Posted by Md Rakib 2016-09-19


Posted by Angella Evans 2016-04-25

Worst game ever

Posted by mohamadreza akbari 2016-03-06

عالی بود

Posted by Partha Sarathi 2016-02-25

Sema lite mokka

Posted by Anwarkhan khan 2016-02-02

soooo nice game

Posted by Rehana Sultana 2015-12-05

Obaid love this

Posted by Mari Yoon 2015-11-24

I try if i can.

Posted by Jacey Horvath 2015-11-23

Could be better

RabitPosted by Zhally Decua 2015-11-18

Nice I like it

Posted by Raju Ghai 2015-11-15

My son loved it

Posted by Ashish Sharma 2015-11-03

Stupid Game !!!

Rupesh kumarPosted by Dev raj 2016-09-19

Very nice game

کلشPosted by سجاد نصاری 2016-03-21


Posted by Myleene Lastpo 2016-03-18

Talking angela

TerriblePosted by Anji Twinem 2016-02-18

Don't bother .

Love itPosted by Altheyahmary Palines 2016-02-08

Don't be angry

Joseph MeleskiPosted by Alvino Davalos 2016-01-07

Joseph Meleski

Posted by Mariam Fatima 2015-12-02

Love this game

Posted by AL-AMIN ONIK 2015-11-30

Love this game

خیلی خوبهPosted by aliyaghuty811362 aliyaghuty 2015-11-22


Posted by Marta Grabowska 2015-11-22

Terrible game.

Posted by kedarnath nagumalli 2015-11-21

Good time pass

Posted by Sobia786 Sobia786 2015-11-09

ads are a pain

BaaaadPosted by Reham Modi 2015-11-08


Loved itPosted by Karan Lodhi 2016-07-19

In this games

Posted by Nakil Mustafai 2016-04-14

Boni rau pete

Posted by Bhoomika R achrya 2016-04-09

Awesome games

bunny runPosted by mykeneth angeles 2015-12-17

it niece game

WestPosted by arshia fatima 2015-11-30

Its just west

بازیPosted by Narges Vafaei 2015-11-26

خوب است

OkPosted by Emanuel Neagu 2015-11-24

Has 9 levels.

Posted by HÁRØØÑ PÀÜL 2015-11-18

chutiyea game

I like it butPosted by Saeid Sh 2015-11-17

I love it :-)

SisPosted by Marie florence Augustin 2015-11-14

FROM you want

Ashley RiveraPosted by Ashley Rivera 2015-11-10

It a fun game

Posted by kleo natty 2015-11-07


Posted by Kemberly persaud 2015-11-05

Too many ad's

YuviPosted by A Google User 2016-06-15


Posted by mohammad rostamani 2016-01-21


Posted by Jani Malik 2016-01-14

I love bunny

Bunny Run ~Peter LegendPosted by Annie Sunga 2016-01-12

Running Life

Posted by B&S H&F 2015-12-15


Posted by sina asgari 2015-12-02


Posted by Rayhaneh Ahmadi 2015-11-30


Good to goPosted by Stanley Griffith 2015-11-25

For the kids

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